A Valley Where Gods Roam

Visit the Valley of the Gods for a trip you’ll never forget.

Popular gods lead you on a quest to find the holy beetles that represent the Sun God Ra’s endless life in Valley of the Gods slot, a game that seeks to decipher the Book of the Dead. Help the gods solve a mystery from behind the reels in Valley of the Gods slot and you might win a multiplier bonus and a slice of the extra life they find.

The Valley of the Gods slot machine gives players a one-of-a-kind adventure that evokes the hallowed atmosphere of bygone eras. Players interested in the supernatural will find a lot to like in this Egyptian-themed slot by Yggdrasil. It has beautiful visuals and an appropriate score. The 3125 possible winning combinations in Valley of the Gods emphasize the theme of eternal life.

It is said that if you touch an artifact from ancient Egypt, you will be plagued by many curses. Take a play on Valley of the Gods today to show reverence to the Gods, learn more about ancient history, and even win large in this holy slot landscape.

Ways to Show the Gods You Care

Valley of the Gods’s theme is well-developed, and it’s supported by the game’s mechanics and symbols. Famous deities like as Horus and Anubis are portrayed on the highest paying symbols. Five of a kind in either pays 500 coins, or 20 times the bet. Only 250 coins are awarded for the best possible combination in Tutankhamen and Basten. Low-paying symbols are represented by six different hieroglyphs. Scarabs are also shown, maybe as nourishment for the two gods that watch over the pyramid.

The Valley of the Gods slot machine has a maximum of 3,125 playlines across its five reels and five rows. The game begins with 45 active paylines and 12 Golden Scarab blockers ready to obstruct a portion of your cells. Remove the obstacles by making winning matches, and your possible combinations will expand to 3,125. If you land consecutive wins, you’ll be rewarded with a free spin. If you don’t succeed, the blockers will come back and you’ll have to try again.

A lot more stuff from Valley of the Gods


Each successful combination activates this bonus round. As the winning symbols remove the obstacles, the number of active paylines grows. After a string of victories, you’ll have 3,125 methods to win and can remove all the obstructions. You’ll also set off the Scarab Collections in two places. When golden scarabs change color (to red or blue), you get two times the normal multiplier and a bonus life. If your lives run out, so will the re-spins you’ve earned by collecting Scarab sets of five.

Profit Increaser

The multiplier is x2, and it goes up by x1 for every blue scarab beetle you find. On the left side of the screen, you can see scarab beetles scurrying up the statue. If you get a re-spin that ends in a win, you can use the multipliers on that spin.

Eliminating Roadblocks

You may have noticed that the paytable is missing symbols in a few of the spaces. There are 12 non-spinning symbols with a scarab design. The objective is to rack up consecutive wins that will eventually eliminate all 12 scarab symbols.

The statue on the right side of the screen, holding the globe with the hairy sign, will appear when this function is activated. When you destroy the blocks, five scarab beetles will emerge and crawl into the figure, giving you a second chance. When you blow a re-spin, this alternative existence comes in useful. Experiencing life is like getting a do-over.

Visuals and music from “Valley of the Gods”

There are buried treasures in the pharaoh’s palaces and gods roam the earth in Valley of the Gods. Thanks to Yggdrasil Gaming’s superb visuals, the riches of this video slot are finally within reach! The scarab bugs and opening video are a fantastic nod to the classic mummy flick.

The high-quality music, which was obviously influenced by the Mummy films, really stuck out to us. All of these cute extras are now accessible on mobile, so you can go on a treasure hunt no matter where you are. Mobile and tablet users can enjoy the same high-quality visuals and smooth animations as in the PC edition.

Maximum wagers at Valley of the Gods

Players can take advantage of a massive RTP of 96.2% in Valley of the Gods, which is available across a large betting range. The slot machine game has a medium volatility and a 22.8% hit rate, providing players a shot at some really good payouts if they get lucky. Valley of the Gods gives you a wide margin for error with its betting spread of 0.01 to 4. There is no progressive jackpot in this slot machine, but players can still win a fixed amount of $5,000. Bets of up to $25 per turn are permitted.






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